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Fruit smoothies

A 7 day challenge to incorpoate more fruits, vegetables and nutrients into your diet through smoothies.

7 Day Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Soy-Free. No fake protein powders. Just clean food to help you feel refreshed. You do NOT stop eating other foods, but this challenge will help you incorporate more smoothies and eat cleaner throughout the day.

What's Included

No fad diet, just simple smoothies for seven days straight. Nice and simple. No counting of calories, no magic pills, no deprivations, just smoothies! We truly believe that smoothies are one of the best ways to effortlessly add more nutrients dense foods into your life. They need far less energy to digest and break down and can be made in a matter of minutes! By adding this simple smoothie habit into your daily routine, you’ll begin to have more energy and crave healthier foods naturally. For the next 7 days, you will come to see how simple, quick, and tasty, healthy eating can be through a daily green smoothie! You’ll find everything you need in this program; a shopping list, daily recipes, swap options, and tips along the way!


Meal Plan + Schedule

Shopping List

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Food Swap Guide

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