Meet Our Founder

Gluten-Free. Plant-Based. Soy-Free. Vegan Living.
Certified Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer.
Plant-Based Health, Life and Business Coach. 

Erin James


As a business consultant turned certified sports nutritionist, trainer, and autoimmune warrior, I am on a mission to make clean products that are filled with nutrients and vitamins while educating and empowering people to change their life and be happier.

Food can be medicine, food can be fuel, but only if done correctly.

I spent years as a child in pain getting cortisone shots in my knees every few months and doctors telling me I had rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia before the age of 16. I couldn’t walk up stairs without pain. And it made life miserable…

Fast forward and I live with no pain thanks to going gluten-free then vegan / plant-based. I hike every week, can run up mountains, and am more mentally clear, something I want to encourage, educate, and motivate people on.

If there is one thing I am confident in today, it is that all of the “medicines”, all of the stress, all of the pain could have been avoided with a healthier lifestyle and mindset management. 

I never want anyone else to go through what I went through….

I’m tired of seeing drug commercials more than ever before when in reality the food we put in our bodies, the sedentary lifestyle, the poison we release into the air and ocean, and the stress of today’s society are what is destroying us, our planet, and the future.

The name SQUAY represents living a healthy, happy, and productive life that fits you. It is a true 360 approach to a holistic life which includes a focus on being the most productive you, the products you use in your home, and your mindset and habits.

The end goal: Have you happy and healthy.

I believe there are too many people unhappy, unhealthy, and not living the life they want. I was one of those people. And it SUCKED. I was overwhelmed. If you’re sitting there nodding your head, just know you are not alone. A lot of this is due to a lack of support and education. Especially when it comes to food, autoimmune issues, inflammation, and gut health.

I hope everyone joins us on the journey towards happiness, health, and productivity to live your best life.

what we offer

Clean Products
Nutrition Workshops
Meal Plans + Recipes
Chronic Illness Support

Why this matters…

People deserve to be happy, living life on their terms

We no longer ask people if they are happy, we ask them what they do for a living. When I have a child, I want them to say they want to be happy when they grow up, not the profession they will work in.

People are being robbed of a healthy life from day one

We’re born into a society that is far from consuming a healthy and natural diet yet one that is processed.

We are destroying our earth and losing faith in humanity

Small changes can make a huge difference but without talking about it, we can’t expect people to care.