Erin James
Founder, SQUAY


As a business consultant turned wellness entrepreneur and autoimmune warrior, I am on a mission to empower people to eat better, feel better and live better by taking their life and health into their own hands. When you live and feel better, you have the chance to change your life and be happier.

Food can be medicine. Food can be fuel. But only if done correctly.

I spent years as a child in pain, getting steroid shots in my knees every few months and doctors telling me I had rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia before the age of 16. I couldn’t walk up stairs without pain, and it made life miserable…

After taking the time to learn about my body, nutrition, and common negative impacts on our health, I had a better understanding of how to improve my nutrition and overall health.

Fast forward to today and I now live a healthier and pain-free life, thanks in part to my gluten-free, vegan, and toxin-free diet which focuses on whole, natural foods. In addition to staying physically active, these lifestyle changes have helped me improve my overall health by strengthening my body and mind. This helped me transform how I approach my health.

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That’s why I created SQUAY….we are here to help autoimmune warriors and those with inflammation and gut health issues feel better and more energized by living a cleaner, more natural life. You don’t have to have a diagnosis, we are open to everyone as we all suffer from some form of inflammation in our bodies.

We want to help you feel better, be happier and enjoy the most important moments in your life with our community as a support system and our programs as resources.

I hope you stay committed with the SQUAY community on this journey towards happiness, health, and productivity to live your best life.

what we offer

Nutrition Workshops
Meal Plans + Recipes
Chronic Illness Support

Why this matters…

People deserve to be happy, living life on their terms

We no longer ask people if they are happy, we ask them what they do for a living. When I have a child, I want them to say they want to be happy when they grow up, not the profession they will work in.

People are being robbed of a healthy life from day one

We’re born into a society that is far from consuming a healthy and natural diet yet one that is processed.

We are destroying our earth and losing faith in humanity

Small changes can make a huge difference but without talking about it, we can’t expect people to care.