The Truth Behind Food Expiration Dates

If you’ve been quarantined for a few weeks, you might be scraping the back of your pantry, rediscovering boxes of pasta or cans of chili you purchased and forgot about months ago. The first thing you’ll probably do when considering whether to eat these back-of-shelf, last-resort options is check the date printed on the side […]

Why + How: B12 on A Gluten-Free Plant-Based Diet

Nutritional inactive yeast in glass jar

You’ve heard it many times before… they try to scare you away… if you don’t eat meat you can’t get B12. Don’t worry, you CAN survive and thrive without meat. Can we get real for a minute? No fungi, plants, or animals (including humans) are capable of producing vitamin B12. Only bacteria and archaea have […]

Plant-Based vs Vegan: What You Need to Know

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Plant-Based and Vegan. Two terms typically confused as one meaning but vary in lifestyles. Vegans don’t eat anything made from animals including dairy and eggs (which most vegetarians eat). But Veganism doesn’t stop at food, it dives furthers into a lifestyle philosophy of not using anything made from an animal including products such as toiletries, […]