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The Membership

Guiding you to change your life, feel better, and be confident in the process.


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What's Included

Monthly educational focus to transform your health, happiness, and inflammation

Recipes, meal plans, self-care challenges, video courses, and more specific to inflammation, autoimmune, chronic illness, going plant-based

Calming meditations

Members only podcast, webinars, and guest experts

Daily tips & inspiration

Members newsletter to empower you to transform your life

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Pause. Breathe.

Own your life. And feel good doing it.

SQUAY is here to put the power of your health and happiness into your own hands.

Each month, members will get a meal plan, workouts, and educational resoruces that will help them change their life. Resources focus on your overall health, with a special focus on inflammation, autoimmune issues, chronic illness, and celiac/gluten-free.

We provide resources such as challenges, video content, checklists, and guides to help educate our members so they are empowered to make the choices they feel are best for their life.

Changes only happen when education and awareness increases.

Resource Examples

Vitamins from Plants

Getting your nutrients through plants - how much you need, sources, and meal ideas. Do you know how much of your vitamin A intake is in 1 cup of carrots?

Protein on Plants

Protein on a plant-based diet - how much you need, sources, and meal ideas. You CAN build muscle with plants.

Kitchen Makeover

Guided transformation of your kitchen to a healthy, clean and natural lifestyle, your way. Change as much or as little as you want, but learn why we made these changes.


Learn about some of the best ways to become your most productive self and create your productivity routine


How to cleanse your body in a natural and safe way - drinking just juice for three weeks isn't the way!


Mindset is key to success but also health. Stop those binge nights by having a better connection with your mind. Learn how and get comfortable while creating your mediation routine.

Replenish. Be happy.

Nourishment of your body & soul

Maximum energy, self confidence, self love, deep relaxation, restful sleep, healing music, affirmations, and more.

Confidence in the kitchen. Knowledge in the gym. Happiness all the time.

Say goodbye to pain, grogginess, inflammation frustration.

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Wake up feeling happy

Feel in control of your health, life, and happiness. No more after lunch crashes.

Rewire your lifestyle habits

Create the life you want. Your way. With less inflammation.

Thrive & flourish

Accomplish those goals you've been dreaming of and don't let inflammation or stress get in the way.

Our Founder's Story

Finally living the life I want.

My life was a mess. My health. My career. My happiness. The pain. Once I learned to listen to my mind and body, I created the life I always knew I could have. The best part? I’m pain free, without medication..