SQUAY Starter Kit

Nutrition and Lifestyle Starter Kit to help you master your healthy, holistic gluten-free vegan lifestyle.


Don't miss out on this life changing resource! Learn about healthy habits, meal planning and prep, foods to eat and avoid, fitness tips and more!



What You Will Learn

What is included in the starter kit?


An Introduction to Veganism eBook

This guide will give you the knowledge and confidence to understand veganism, what it is and the benefits it provides. Making changes is hard without knoweldge and understanding so this is step 1!


SQUAY Playbook

This playbook lays out the SQUAY way.. which means food, fitness, mindset and habits. You'll take time to think about your goals and journal them down to have something to work towards.
You'll receive:
- Printable charts for seasonal foods and produce shelf life so you know how to sustainably clean out your fridge after you go shopping
- Shopping lists for our go to foods
- Pantry and kitchen staples checklists for cooking success
- Steps/Habit tracks to making a good healthy meal andd reaching your fitness goals
- Meditation guide/cheat sheet
-Quick, easy go-to foods that are SQUAY approved


Meal Planner and Prep Guide

This guide will help you master meal planning and prep, your way.


AIP Starter Recipe Book

This starter recipe book collection is filled with out simplest recipes that are all vegan AIP compliant.
You get these recipe books:
- Scrumptious Smoothies
- Salads, Soups + Stews
- Delicious Drinks (non alcoholic)
- Mix and Match Entrees and Sides
- Delectable Desserts


BONUS: Yoga Planner and Journal

This planner and journal combo will empower you to start, improve or maintain your yoga flow. Learn about the different types of yoga, popular moves and sequences, and record your journey to track your progress and see massive changes!

Let's do this!

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$ 97 One-Time
  • Starter Kit eBook
  • Meal Planning & Prep Guide
  • Yoga Planner + Journal
  • Meditation Cheat Sheet
  • Goal Setting Journal
  • Foods to Eat + Avoid
  • Seasonal Food Charts
  • Steps/Tracks for Success
  • Some of our favorite foods, recipes, and more
  • Kitchen + Pantry Supply List

Created by an autoimmune warrior,
for inflammation fighters.

I was tired of not feeling good and my body hurting no matter what I did. I wanted a real solution because it was starting to impact all areas of my life...

I couldn’t find the energy to be my best self, to be productive, to give relationships and work their full focus, and I was letting my health suffer because it was too overwhelming to figure out the right steps towards feeling better.

Work, kids or something else is taking your focus and you are tired of trying to figure out habits and food that help you feel better.

I hear you. I’ve been there.

I was tired of the bandaids and no real solution for long-term change.…

To experience an unhealthy relationship with food and lack of knowledge to change it…

To be sore, achy, and inflamed more often than you should.

To feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING with no success…

That’s why I created SQUAY. To help YOU.

SQUAY represents your best self. Living the happy, joyful life you’ve always wanted.

I want to empower you to be your happiest, healthiest, most productive self with less inflammation AND less (or no) medication.

I want to inspire you to take the steps to a long life of happiness and health by building healthy habits, becoming more confident, having a clear understanding of what you want in life, and how your lifestyle can help you get there.

I want to share my secrets, failures, and tips so you don’t go through the year-long struggles I did. And I want you to know that if you fall off the wagon, it’s okay. I did, too. Many times. But finally, I was able to get past that last challenge and truly change my life for the better.

It’s time to be happier, healthier, and more productive.