Plant-Based vs Vegan: What You Need to Know

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Plant-Based and Vegan. Two terms typically confused as one meaning but vary in lifestyles.

Vegans don’t eat anything made from animals including dairy and eggs (which most vegetarians eat). But Veganism doesn’t stop at food, it dives furthers into a lifestyle philosophy of not using anything made from an animal including products such as toiletries, clothes, accessories, beauty products, and more.

This includes anything tested on animals as well. Most vegans are vegan not only because of health reasons but for environmental and ethical reasons.

Plant-based can be referred to as a type of veganism because you only eat plants. Plant-based means only eating items coming from a plant, or are whole foods, free of artificial ingredients and added preservatives. Think natural.

One thing vegans eat that plant-based goers don’t are processed foods. Many believe they’ll lose weight instantly from going vegan, but that’s not true. Many even gain weight because they think they can eat processed vegan food in unlimited amounts. Let’s not forget it’s still processed…

A plant-based item is always vegan, but a vegan item is not always plant-based, so make sure to check! Remember, most plant-based items don’t have a nutrition label. Those that do won’t have many ingredients, especially ones you aren’t familiar with.

When transitioning your eating lifestyle, it is easier for some to go vegan first as they can make many faux meat meals and then slowly transition to plant-based.

The takeaway? Do what works for you!

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