Vegan Autoimmune Kick Start Program

8 Week On-Demand Program to Help You Manage Inflammation with Plants and Holistic Methods

Starts January 10, 2022

Enrollment Closes January 9, 2022 11:30 PM PT


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Created by an autoimmune warrior,
for inflammation fighters.

I was tired of not feeling good and my body hurting no matter what I did. I wanted a real solution because it was starting to impact all areas of my life...

I couldn’t find the energy to be my best self, to be productive, to give relationships and work their full focus, and I was letting my health suffer because it was too overwhelming to figure out the right steps towards feeling better.

Work, kids or something else is taking your focus and you are tired of trying to figure out habits and food that help you feel better.

I hear you. I’ve been there.

I was tired of the bandaids and no real solution for long-term change.…

To experience an unhealthy relationship with food and lack of knowledge to change it…

To be sore, achy, and inflamed more often than you should.

To feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING with no success…

That’s why I created SQUAY. To help YOU.

SQUAY represents your best self. Living the happy, joyful life you’ve always wanted.

I want to empower you to be your happiest, healthiest, most productive self with less inflammation AND less (or no) medication.

I want to inspire you to take the steps to a long life of happiness and health by building healthy habits, becoming more confident, having a clear understanding of what you want in life, and how your lifestyle can help you get there.

I want to share my secrets, failures, and tips so you don’t go through the year-long struggles I did. And I want you to know that if you fall off the wagon, it’s okay. I did, too. Many times. But finally, I was able to get past that last challenge and truly change my life for the better.

It’s time to be happier, healthier, and more productive.



What is included in the lifestyle program?


Kick Off Kit

Learn about the SQUAY Way. Get checklists and guides on easy steps to take to feel better such as staying hydrated, working out, managing stress. Recieve an introductory guide into veganism: what it is, answers to common questions and misconceptions, and the different types of vegan diets to figure out what works best for you.


Autoimmune 101

Get the details on what autoimmune really means along with common triggers and symptoms and how to mange them in a holistic way.


Leaky Gut 101

Wondering what leaky gut really means? Gut health is critical for overall health, especially for those with autoimmune diseases or other chronic health issues. You'll get a Healthy Gut Exercises Workbook to help you identify simple ways to maintain a healthy gut. Walk away knowing how to improve your gut health.


Food allergies and sensitivities

Allergies and sensitivities are not the same thing. You may not be allergic to something but you may be sensitive to it. Learn about the signs, symptoms and common food triggers for autoimmune, inflammation, and leaky gut.


Autoimmune Protocol

You may have heard the term AIP before but we do it a little different here at SQUAY. We focus on a vegan AIP diet, the SQUAY way. With autoimmune, not everyone can eat the same things so we will guide you to understanding what works for us and then empower you to adjust it accordingly for yourself as needed.


Managing Flares

We all know that once your inflammation goes on hyperdrive, it feels like you are powerless. Learn how to take that power back and manage your flares in more natural ways.


Healthy Habits

It's not just about managing your flares but creating long-term healthy habits. At SQUAY, we promote a holistic lifestyle, built from personal experiences. Learn about natural and holistic ways to help manage stress gut health while feeling healthier, stronger and more energetic, including the products you use, meditation and exercise. During this lesson, you'll go through a home makeover so you can make real changes.


Set Yourself Up for Success

Close out the program by setting intentions and goals while building new healthy habits. You don't want to do all this great work to just walk away and forget about it. We'll create a plan for success so you always know what you need to do without thinking about it.

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