Why You Should Workout At Every Age

Getting to the gym or lacing up those running shoes can be hard. But what’s even harder is dealing with health complications and depression as you get older.

Working out is critical for everyone, at every age. Your workouts may look different, but the benefits to your body and mind are the same.

Need a reason to workout? Here are seven:
  • prevent heart disease and high blood pressure

    lower your risk for stroke, osteoporosis, colon cancer and diabetes
    improve your sleep
    increase your energy
    decrease some kinds of pain
    boost your immune system
    help with weight management
    Exercise matters for your mood, too.
It is said that it:

decreases stress, anger, and tension
reduces anxiety and depression
offers a greater sense of well-being
relieves pent-up muscle tension
stimulates feel-good hormones
burns off stress hormones
increases blood flow to the brain
Need another reason? Do you want to feel strong, able, and self-sufficient as you get older? Do you want to take care of your family and spend as many years as possible with them? Do you want the freedom to go where and do what you want?
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